Sunday, October 16, 2016

Salon De Choix: BANG BANG BANGS!

Last month, I'm back at Salon De Choix for my monthly mane maintenance...
After a loooooong contemplation that lasted for a few months, I finally made up my mind to go back to bangs again!

Why the long contemplation?
Well, to start with...I remembered how determine I was to grow out my very own long fringe and how I wanted to flip them back & forth. Have no bad fringe days when I sleep on the wrong side of the bed, no baby hair sticking out everywhere like static etc.. *the list can go on forever~*

But I came to a point where... I wanna have a huge change.
Changing my hair colour is not gonna make the cut anymore...
I dont wanna chop my hair any shorter as well and so, BANGS it is!
Plus, nobody can deny that short fringe makes you look younger too!
Which is a good thing right?! 

So here's my hair before the change!

*back view*
It was super bleached out after all the blue hue was gone from my previous session.

p.s.: I chop my mane and had dark blue tresses about 3 months back! It was really cool but blue is definitely not a colour that is easy to maintain. So unless you have all the colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to make sure the colour stays for good, otherwise, I would not suggest you to go for cold colour like blue.

*front view*

 My monthly dose of milo peng and magazines to flip the time away during my stay in the salon...

Colour chosen for the month!
Trust me.. I haven't had this hair colour for more than 3 years already!

My accomplishment so far... 
Which I think I can definitely pull off as a female ghost in USS Halloween without much effort!
**flip fringe**

I felt soooo warm & suffocating under that long fringe until this...


I really wanted to go nostalgic this time so I went ahead with really black hair.
This also helps to cover away the bleached tresses as well.

UPDATE: I must really compliment the black pigments this time.. because this colour stays for goooood! After more than a month, I dont see my bleached ends showing at all! 

 Happy girl, Happy Me

 Take a good look at my fringe!
*Front view*

*back view*

So apparently, Chester also had short fringe so he went to style his hair a bit before we take a celfié

Like stylist, like blogger!

 & here's my #TriciaOOTD 
Top: Velvet blue top from Sydney, Australia
Outer wear: Black Chiffon Overlay from Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Bottom: a store from *SCAPE 
Shoes: Superga
Shades: Rubi
Bag: Kate Spade
Watch: Vintage Casio from Nakedglory

 Here's the final 4 photos to show you guys the vast difference before (left) & after (right)!

Can you guys tell how much younger one can look with bangs?! 
I looooove my new hair now & I think im gonna stick to short fringe for a while now.


I'm very sure you will not get disappointed with Chester!

Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.
Remember to quote my name to get 15% off! (:


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  1. Wow, good work, hair look great afte dying. Need to get appointment soon as I need to fix my hair. Thanks for sharing such nice post with us


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