Thursday, April 3, 2014

OCS Social Night: A guide for ladies to your partner's social night!♥

Hello ladies!
If you're reading this right now, 
you're prolly google-ing frantically to search for all the clues/hints/tips 
you need to prep yourself for your partner's social night event and 
eventually bumping into this entry of mine
you're just a faithful reader of mine... teehee!

In any case, 
I hope this entry will be helpful to you to see an insight of what I've experienced because this is my very first time attending a OCS Social Night as a +1 (:
And like every other ladies out there, it was really exciting and nerve wreaking!

So to start things off...
I had a busy day that morning!
Couldn't miss attending school that very day because it was a very important practical session that I have to attend hence, I only left school at about 3pm and I immediately rushed to 
Salon De Choix to get my mane fixed for the night!

If there's one thing you have to do to make sure you look good that night...

As usual, Chester, my hairstylist, 
gave me a really simple yet not too over the top kinda hair-do for the night!
I loooooove this hair-do soooo much because it show-off my beautiful pink streaks!

It has this little messiness to it so my head doesn't look too stiff, he also did little wave-like curls to the bottom of my mane so it gives a very elegant look that will suit my dress! 

It's amazing how Chester can settle my messy tresses I came with into 
this final product within like 30min?!

I was giving him a hard time there as I was kinda rushing for time and making sure that I won't get caught in the jam later or even be late for the social night!
Not just trying to advertise here... BUT
I'm really REALLY glad to have Chester there to fix my mane!
 If you have an important dinner to attend to soon...

Tel: +65 6836 2959
Opening hours: 1030am - 0830pm daily!

3 Killiney Road #01-06
Winsland House 1 S(239519) 
Just take MRT to Somerset Station and walk towards KPO cafe.

Remember to quote my name to get 15% off!
& remember to look for Chester too! (;

The next thing you need is to get back home straight to dress up and 
put on your favourite make-up, accessories and perfume and you're ready to go!^^
After I'm almost done with my preparation, my BF made his way to my house to pick me up!
He's super dashing in his formal wear *drooools*
*OOTD photos later in this entry*

My BF is an air force officer and I love how they made their invitation cards sooo unique!^^
We're 'flying' off to Mandarin Orchard Hotel!

We reached Mandarin Orchard Hotel!
As it is situated in the middle of the busy Orchard Road and it was a Friday (#TGIF),
we were almost late for the night!
So do take note of the heavy traffic and leave house earlier if your social night is 
held somewhere in the town area over the weekends!

Time for Oh Oh Tee Dees!


Le boy in dashing mint in black suit!
Blazer, mint top and black pants - G2000
Tie - Topman
Black leather shoes - Pedro


We're dressed in my favourite colour, MINT!
Dress - MGP (
Accessories - Pandora, Lovisa and Diva
White pointed pumps - Payless Shoes

On a side note, do purchase your dress early to prevent wearing the same outfit as another lady that night! I bought my dress last year :X Kiasu Singapore like that!

When we lift opens, we were overwhelmed by a beautiful crowd of hunks and babes!
I remember how we were stunned for a while in the lift before taking a deep breathe and walking out as elegantly as possible! Haha! It was funny now thinking back how intense it was 
when eyes were all starring at us as we walked through the crowd!

Ladies... one thing's for sure...
It's always better to be over-dress than under-dress. 
I was still worried that I might looked too over the top that night but after seeing soo many others wearing gowns and super high stilettos, I was sorta relief that I wasn't the only one who dressed up for this event! In fact, at times when I see another lady walking pass me in a gown, 
I thought I really look like one of her bridesmaid attending her wedding! LOL.

Every social night comes with a photobooth.
So have fun with your partner in front of the camera and enjoy the rest of the night together!^^

Took our first couple #selfie shot together at our table.

I was really lucky to have found myself a friend sitting at the same table as me!
My looong lost friend I met at RED CAMP 6!
One shot of us taken by the photographer that night.
See! My pink streaks does it job! I recognise ME from the back! lol.

Our #selfie 

Food served are about the same as the ones you have when you attend a wedding dinner.
So.. I only took 1 picture of the food that night...
The starters...

At some point of time, your partner will start to introduce you to his friends. 
Do be approachable and friendly!
Don't be a shy kid that sticks to your partner where ever he goes.
Remember, he wants you to meet his friends that went through the same tough route as him 
and their partners. Do give them a good impression of yourself as there's a high chance of you 
meeting them again in any upcoming gatherings. 

You can always start the ball rolling by doing the Oscar Selfie Shots!

In the midst of meeting new faces and making new friends, your partners will do a little performance with his group-mates. Be a supportive partner and take lots of videos and photos of him and his friends!
Bring other ladies along with you to video all your partners on stage! See my babyBOY singing his lungs out with his buddies?!


More photos with the man I love, familiar faces, friends and new friends!

All in all, just enjoy yourself that night and be proud of your partner because he've been through a looooong way to come this far. 

One more OOTD shot taken from my Instagram.
For more daily updates,
follow me on Instagram @triciakohh 

Social Night doesn't really just end there! 
As it was TGIF, we went for some after party sessions at a nearby cafe pub!
Coincidentally met my babygirl, Jovelle while making our way to the cafe!

Did a little impromptu OOTD before we part ways!
I like how we can pose anytime, anywhere instantly! Haha!! 

What's an after party without alcohols and shots?!
Gonna leave the last group photo taken that night to end this post!

Attending your partner's social night is not as intimidating as I thought.
All you have to do is to have fun and be sociable throughout the night!
I had an amazing night and is definitely one of the best moments of my life!
#YOLO! Make the best out of it!
Lastly, gonna leave you with.....


  1. Hiiya, thank you for this article, it helps a lot to know how the ocs social night goes! Btw, I can't seem to find the price list for Salon de choix. Can I know how much was it for the styling? Thx! (:

    1. Hi dear, you can visit Salon De Choix for a consultation. They will advice you the price from there!
      The consultation is complimentary and remember to quote my name for 15% off! (;

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